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New York And Company Credit Card Benefits

New York And Company Credit Card Review

New York and Company Credit Card is the limited purpose card that gives you a $10 reward for all the $200 purchases that you make at the New York and Company stores. The card is new and has come in place of the previous company reward cards such as New York & Company Mastercard and New York & Company Card, which used to offer a $25 reward.

Benefits Provided By New York And Company Credit Card

The people who have this card can enjoy the following benefits:
• $10 Reward on spending $200 on your card. ($20 in the case of Platinum Card members)
• 20% off on coupon on your birthday (25% in the case of Platinum Card members)
• Early access to all the exclusive sales
• Easy management of the online account
• Exclusive perks for a cardholder
• No Annual Fee
• NY&C eNewsletter
• Periodic perks of FREE Shipping at at the time you use your card
Card Overview

The rewards card is primarily for people who want to gain the benefits for their regular or periodic purchases at the New York and Company Stores. You also get to make all your payments quite merely and quickly no matter where in the world you are performing the transaction from.

The rewards card is a great deal for people who love to shop often at the New York and Company store. The agreement of receiving $10 for every $200 that you spend on the store sounds like a desirable deal to many. The card’s platinum version pays an even more significant reward of $20 for every $200 purchase that you make. But if you want to get access to the platinum card, you will have to spend $400 or more in the year prior to getting it. This $400 condition also needs to be maintained for the rest of the years so that you can keep your platinum card. There are a lot of other perks enjoyed by the NY&C cardholders so that shopping is encouraged.

New York And Company

The New York and Company Credit Card is an excellent opportunity for all those people who are major fans of the retail outlet. While the interest rates of the card are high, New York and Company stores fans still like this opportunity and want to avail it because it lets users avail the rewards and benefits towards the end of all their purchases.

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Would you like to know more about this rewards card? Why not contact us? We are experts who happen to know more than a thing or two about the New York and Company Credit Card and would love to help you out in getting all your questions answered. Rewards based cards are always an excellent opportunity, primarily if they provide rewards to the retail outlets that you merely love shopping at! However, before getting this card, be sure that you know all about it and what it has to offer with New York & Company Credit Card. Looking more credit card information. Bookmark this site

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