Synchrony Bank Credit Cards With Many Different Companies

Synchrony Bank Credit Cards

Synchrony Bank Credit Cards, previously known as Capital Retail Bank, has many credit cards available for their customers. Their credit card offerings include:

  • Walmart cards
  • Men’s Warehouse credit card
  • Value City Furniture card
  • Toys R Us cards
  • TJX cards
  • Chevron and Texaco credit card

About The Walmart Card

Synchrony Bank Credit CardsOne of the Synchrony Bank credit cards in the Walmart card. The card is a great option for all those who frequently shop at Walmart stores. However, before applying, the customers should make sure that they have a good to excellent credit rating. If you are qualified for the card, the perks accompanying the card can prove to be very attractive. Here is the Synchrony bank credit cards application, click here.

Perks Of The Synchrony Bank Card

  • At the time of signing up for the card, if you end up spending $75 or greater than that amount, you are eligible for a discount of $25 on your purchase. An additional amount of $10 will be received if you spend another $75 or higher within the next 60 days of opening your account. You also get a $5 rebate when you spend $500 on the card.
  • If you visit certain Walmart gas stations across the US, you are eligible for a discount of 15 cents on every gallon.
  • 1% of the amount that you spend on purchases will be received as rebate. For every $5 that you end up accruing over a period of time, Synchrony Bank will provide you with a statement credit.

In most cases, Walmart will be running promotions on its card for its customers. The store has also run promotions of interest free months of up to 24 months on the purchases. However, this is dependent on the amount you spend on purchases.

Other Details Synchrony Bank

The interest rate of the card is relatively high, similar to other retail cards. However, you can easily avoid these interest rates if you make your payments by their due dates. Credit card balance transfers are not permitted. You should also know that the interest rates are variable for this card, since the bank makes its calculations by including 19.65% to the prime rate that is currently applicable. There is no annual fee for the card. However, it does have a maximum late fee of $35. The foreign transaction fee in the case of this card is 3%. This means that it is rather expensive to be used on foreign trips.

Walmart cards are a great option if you plan on paying all your dues by their due date. You should also look into the other Synchrony Bank card to see if any one of those cards is a feasible option for you. In case you have any questions or feel that you need further clarification on any of the cards, you can always call us for assistance. We will answer all your queries in great detail and will clear up all your confusions. Great benefits will come from have these Synchrony Bank credit cards. Please click here to bookmark



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