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AE Credit Card, An Outstanding Way To Earn Bonus Points

AE Credit Card

AE Credit Card – American Eagle

AE Credit Card. There is a particular Visa credit card and a store credit card for all those people who are fond of and regularly make purchases at the American Eagle Outfitter stores. There are also many rewards attached with these cards and shopping at these retail outlets.

American Eagle Outfitter Visa And Store Credit Cards In Detail

With the help of the American Eagle credit card, you can earn rebates at the various outlets such as Aerie,,, AE, and A 1% of extra savings can be made on all of the regular purchases from these stores. All of the new cardholders can avail a discount of 15% on all of the purchases that they make for the first time. On birthdays, holders can avail a 20%off birthday coupon. However, to avail this, you will have to provide them with your email address. There are also savings events that happen four times in a year, and all of the cardholders are invited to these developments.

Once a user is approved, they will automatically be eligible for their AE Credit Card Rewards program. In this program, you can utilize your extra savings rewards. If you manage some established points, then you will also be entitled to a few discounts at the stores. The best part about the card is that you will not have to pay any annual fee to be a holder. The information below shows the points and the associated rewards:

  • Earning 100 points will provide you with a discount of 15%
  • Earning 200 points will earn you a discount of 20%
  • Earning 350 points will earn you a discount of 30%
  • Earning 500 points will earn you a discount of 40%

While the card is a great option for all those people who are regular shoppers at the American Eagle Outfitter and appeals to a lot of consumers, there is a negative as well. The negative is that you can only earn one point for every dollar that you end up spending. Initially, you could make four dollars for every dollar that you spent on purchases. Also, the card will not be useful for those people who are not frequent shoppers at the American Eagle Outfitter retail outlets.

AE Credit Card Interest Rate

AE Credit Card Interest RateThe card charges an extremely high rate of interest that is 23.99% for the store credit card and 24.99 for the Visa card. These are required to be paid off on a monthly basis. If you think from the perspective of quality of merchandise available at these outlets, though, you will find that they are all of the amazing quality.

AE Credit Card Account Questions

Have further questions related to the card? Why not as us by giving us a call? We have a task force of professionals who know more than a thing or two about the American Eagle credit card, and they would be more than happy in clearing out any confusions that you may have. You can also get in touch with the company directly for any questions that you need to be answered.

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