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3 Amazing Instant Approval Department Store Credit Cards

Instant Approval Department Store Credit Cards


Instant Approval Department Store Credit Cards

Instant Approval Department Store Credit Cards. A credit card is an option everyone will look towards at various points in their life. It does not have to be a “regular use” method of payment, but one of many.

Those dealing with bad credit and apprehension towards an investigative vetting process often seek instant approval options.

This read will provide a deeper insight on what department store credit cards are all about.

What Are Department Store Credit Cards?

Let’s start with recognizing the nuances of “department store credit cards” for those who are engaging in this process for the first time.

These are store credit cards which are attached to specific brands and provide tremendous in-house benefits. For example, let’s assume Ikea has a store credit card. Purchases made in-store using this credit card will often come with an immediate discount (i.e. 5% off).

Not only are there short-term benefits, but long-term rewards as well such as free items and heavier discounts when additional purchases are made.

These department stores credit cards can be an excellent financial option to have up one’s sleeve when looking to make purchases.

What Is “Instant Approval Department Store Credit Cards”?

Let’s move onto the idea of instant approval as that is important as well for those sending in applications. Instant approval is just as it sounds. The goal is to apply and have the credit card company approve without delay.

Many department stores do have a prolonged vetting process, but there are others who are quicker and accept immediately. In general, a blind approval is rare and specific checks are done, but as long as the information holds up, it will be instant.

Let’s take a look at examples of some of the best department store credit cards that provide instant approval for applicants.

1) Macy’s Credit Card

The first department store credit card in this list would be “Macy’s credit card”. This is a traditional clothing store and is often found to be an excellent choice for trendy accessories.

How does the credit card shape up for those who are applying? The APR comes out to be 25.49%. There are no balance transfers allowed on the store card.

What about the rewards for those who are interested? The rewards program is intriguing. It provides a general 20% discount once the approval has gone through. This can be done on a purchase of up to $100. There are additional periodic rewards which are accumulated based on how often the card is used.

This rests on a star system that is put in place and is explained when signing up.

For those who are looking to shop at Macy’s often, this is a high-quality credit card that provides a healthy rate and instant approval. It is a definite option for those who are looking for a new card and need it as soon as possible along with a rewards system that can be valuable in the long-run.

2) Best Buy Credit Card

The next option is a tech giant in the form of Best Buy. Their credit card is well-renowned as most significant purchases are made at their store. Looking for a new laptop? Desktop? TV? GPS System? It is all about having the funds, and it might not be possible in certain situations.

This is why the Best Buy credit card was setup by the company.

The department store wanted to make sure people were able to sign up and get the tech they are looking for. With an intriguing 0% – 11.9% APR for the first 6-48 months and 25.49% from the 49th month, it is an option that does provide value now and in the future.

There is an additional 10% discount after the credit card is approved. They have a points system in place and tiers when it comes to cuts. The points system works on the premise of 2.5 points/dollar spent. There is a $5 reward certificate upon the completion of 250 points.

Best Buy also provides free shipping to card holders (above $35) and other exclusive discounts throughout the year. This can be rewarding for those who purchase items often from this department store.

They have an instant approval setup for all applicants.

3) Wal-Mart Credit Card

The final department store credit card in this list of examples would be Wal-Mart’s version. This is one of the largest department stores in the world and is adored by many. Its credit card is just as loved because of the instant approval and its features.

Let’s take a look at what they provide for those who sign up.

The credit card includes a 0% APR for the first 6-12 months. After this point, a person owes 23.15% APR. The credit card also provides a 10% discount upon approval for purchases up to $250. General discounts are applied at all Wal-Mart associates (i.e. Murphy USA,, and Wal-Mart Gas) for cardholders.

This is another rare department store credit card for those who seek instant approval and purchase items from Wal-Mart all the time.

General Requirements

For those who are not interested in any of these three, the idea remains to seek out a department store credit card with instant approval. The general setup will continue to be the same regarding APR and discounts. Several department stores are offering attractive discounts at this point and continually add to their rewards section.

To personalize this signing up the process, look for stores where you shop all the time. These are often the most rewarding credit cards due to in-store discounts.

It is essential to sit down and vet all of the features before deciding which “instant approval” options will work best based on personal requirements. Each person is going to have their needs when it comes to department store credit cards.

Based on one’s shopping pattern, it can become easier to gauge which card will work best as the rewards can be tremendous in the right setup.

Be selective and make sure the right option is being signed up for rather than pushing ahead and getting any old credit card from a local department store.

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