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JCP Credit Card With 7 Impressive Surprising Rewards

JCP Credit Card

JCP Credit Card

JCP credit card, also known as JC Penney credit card is issued by GE Money Bank and is a department store credit card. While the card is for JC Penney stores, you may also make use of it at all Rite Aid pharmacies and CVS Pharmacies. Apart from this, the card can apparently be used at the JC Penney store, both online and at the outlet. The card can be considered by people who are loyal to JC Penney.

The starting interest rate for the credit card is 26.99% and has a penalty rate that exceeds 30%.  However, since the interest rates of the card are on the higher side, the accessibility of the card is easy, even if someone has a poor credit score.

Rewards And Benefits

There are a few benefits to the card that are more appealing than the other store cards that exist in the market. As far as the rewards are concerned, your monthly spending cycle will determine the program fit for you. When you spend an amount of $250 on your purchases, you will be eligible to earn a discount of $10 on any purchase that you end up making after. However, you can only collect the reward once in a month. The points that you gather for your rewards will expire on a monthly basis, and clearance sales and prices will not contribute towards rewards earnings.

Benefits of JCP Credit Card

  • Early notice in case of any upcoming sales
  • No annual fee
  • People who have bad credit may still be eligible for the card
  • Opinion regarding special promotions will be received
  • Reports to all of the major credit agencies
  • JCPenney online payment customer service
  • JCPenney my account bill statement

Certain Considerations For The JCP Credit Card

Once you sign up for the JCP Credit Card, you will be allowing GE Money Bank to sell off your information to other entities for marketing related purposes. Also, if you do not pay even a single payment on time, your JC Penney account will be closed. This will also happen in the case that your credit scores drop. You must also keep in mind that there is no online application form when applying for the JCP credit card. If you wish to use then, you must either sent your application through mail or call their customer service representatives. Their customer service might not be so great, but they will be able to help you out nonetheless.

Wish to know more about the JCP credit card? Then you should give us a call! We find out more than a thing or two about this card and will be more than happy to help you out. You must consider all your options in detail before finalizing on a credit card so that you do not have to face any hassle later on. It is also an excellent idea to look for alternatives and study them in case you are not comfortable with the offerings of an individual JCP Credit Card. For more credit card information bookmark Hope this post on JCP Credit Card helped you.

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