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Pier 1 Credit Card Known As World Financial Network Bank

While the customer service and the APR offered by the Pier 1 credit card might not be that great, it has some unusual and attractive rewards to offer its cardholders. Pier 1  has been recently known to switch banks from chase to World Financial Network Bank. The latter has to manage many store cards at the same time and as a result of this its customer service hinders.

The Rewards System

A point can be earned for every dollar that is spent on the Pier 1 credit card. While this may not sound all that appealing, the offer is great since every 200 points that are gained can earn you a gift certificate worth $10. This can then be used at the stores. If you do a simple calculation, this will result in a 5% rebate for you. However, there are a few things that you should be aware of. These include the following:

  • Points can only be earned on the pre-tax price. While there are many other regular rewards cards from which you can earn points on the full amount of purchase, the Pier 1 card is a different story. In this, you can only earn points on the pre-tax amount and not the whole amount.
  • The certificates that you earn will be expiring in 60 days only. For this reason, you should use your gift certificates instantly instead of allowing them to sit around the house without any purpose.
  • The card and its points can only be used within the store and nowhere else.
  • A special gift is also reserved for your birthday, but you do not get to find out what this particular gift is until your birthday. It might simply be a coupon of some sort.
  • Consumers who end up spending $1,000 or above every year on the card, they will be entitled to an upgrade and will receive a platinum card. The platinum card offers more rewards. For instance, you will be entitled to more sales and also a 10% discount on the first Tuesday of each month. For your card to be kept at the platinum level, you have to keep spending a minimum of $1,000 each year at the Pier 1 credit card stores.
  • Manage Comenity online bill payment, Pier 1 credit card sign in, and community pier payment

Pier 1 Credit Card Interest Rate

The card has a 26.99% APR, and since the APR is towards the higher side, it is always good to set your payment method to automated payments so that you do not miss out on a single payment. While there are great alternatives to the card as well, you can consider this card if you are a loyal Pier 1 customer and buy from their outlets often.

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