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Tj Maxx Credit Card Is So Famous, But Why?

TJ Maxx Credit Cards

TJ Maxx Credit Card Benefits

With the TJ Maxx credit card, you will be eligible for a lot of rewards for any purchases that you make at the TJX stores. Along with this, you will also receive a point for every dollar that you spend at other places as well, provided that you qualify for a Mastercard. The best part about this card is that it has low annual percentage rates and fees, and apart from this, there is no fee on an annual basis. The points can also go up to 5 for every dollar that you spend. Also, you can earn as many points as possible throughout the year and there are special discounts available on the card.

How The TJ Maxx Credit Card Works

When you receive your card, the first purchase that you make on it will give you a 10% off. Apart from this, you will also receive points at the rate of five points for every dollar that you spend on Marshalls, TJ Maxx, AJ Wright Stores, and Home Goods, for every purchase that you make. If you have a TJX rewards MasterCard however, you will also be entitled to a point for every dollar that you end up spending elsewhere. When you reach 1000 points, you will be able to earn a $10 gift certificate. You can earn as many points as possible throughout the year and there is no limit set on it. There are also many financing options, discounts, and exclusive sales that you can avail in an entire year.


TJ Maxx Credit CardWhile there are no annual fees attached with this card, there is a variable APR of 16.25% attached to a fixed default rate of about 23.99%. The grace period offered by the card of 20 days is another great feature. In case you pay late, there will be fees attached to it. For balances of up to $100, you will have to pay $10. For balances beyond $100, you will have to pay $29. No fee will be charged for going above your credit limit.

A TJX Rewards MasterCard will have variable APR of 9.24%. 13.24%, and 18.24%. This will depend on your credit history. In case you default on your payments, you will have to pay a rate of 23.99%. For this card, you will have to pay a fee if you cross the credit limit, and this fee is $39. There are also transaction fees amounting to 3%.

So far, we have not seen any cons for this card. All the APR and rates are low and the benefits are vast. This means that the TJ Maxx credit card is a perfect option for all those people who frequently shop at these stores.

Have more questions related to the card? Why not give us a call or comment below? We would be more than happy to help you out and answer any of the questions that you might have. You can easily apply for this card by going to their official website or calling their customer service representatives.

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