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Younkers Credit Card Secrets Finally Exposed

Younkers Credit Cards

Younkers Credit Card Amazing Rewards Program

The Younkers credit card is a card issued and managed by HSBC and offers amazing rewards for those people who like to shop at Younkers. The benefits can include complementary shipping services in the case of online and in-store purchases, passes for all day shopping with minimal or no exclusions, birthday offers, notice in the case of events and sales, and exclusive savings for cardholders. There are different types and categories of cards available such as classic membership, signature membership, signature select membership, and elite membership.

How Younkers Credit Card Rewards System Works

When you use your Younkers credit card on in-store purchases, you will receive 1 point for each dollar that you end up spending. These points then are accumulated for a whole year and then depending on which tier you fall under, you will receive your rewards. There are four tiers to consider depending on the number of different card categories available. For instance, if you score 0 to 499 points, you will be eligible for a classic membership and the various benefits this card has to offer.

Younkers Credit CardElite membership can be received on the accumulation of 1500 plus points. The rewards for each type of card differ, and the higher you go with your points, the more rewards you will be eligible for. some of the added benefits that you will receive with the Elite membership, for instance, is three shipping coupons every year and a fabulous offer on the anniversary.

Younkers also have an amazing online account management system that you can sue to keep track of your account statements, receive eStatements, email alerts, and also pay your bills online. The good thing about the store is that you can purchase a variety of items such as jewelry, shoes, fragrances, clothing, accessories, and more.

Things To Look Out For

The APR of the card is high. However, this should not worry you so much since most department store cards have high APRs. Also, you will not be earning points on the furniture purchases that you make. The 20% coupons will, however, apply to other products such as jewelry, accessories, and apparel. Cosmetics, home store, and fragrances will get you a discount of 15%. While there are no points for furniture items, you can receive amazing benefits on the many other products that the store has available.

So, are you looking to get a Younkers credit card? If you happen to be a loyal customer then why not! With so many amazing perks, you will love it. Their customer service is also great, so if you happen to have any question whatsoever, you can always call them up and ask. If you still have issues understanding the rewards system of the card, then we are always here to help. All you have to do is give us a call or comment below. It is always good to clear out all your confusions on a certain card before getting it.

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