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First Savings Credit Card Banks has four types of credit cards with different fees and rates. The offers on these cards range from their best offer at 15.6% to a rate designed in the case of people having no or poor credit histories, which is 29.9%. The website of the company also has complete information with regards to how the four cards operate and also provides an updated privacy policy.

Rates And Fees Of The Card

For all those customers who are eligible, the card with the 15.6% interest rate is the company’s best offer. There is no annual fee. However, you will have to pay a $10 fee in case of late payments. There is also an offer of an annual interest rate of 21.9%. Additionally, the consumers will be charged an annual fee of $50 plus a $20 additional fee. The late fees applicable on this card will be $25. There are also two cards offered by the company that are specifically for people who do not have a good credit history. These have an interest rate of 29.9% with additional charges of $75 along with an annual fee of $20. In the case of late payments $25 will be charged. There minimum credit limit is $350.

First Savings Credit Card Benefits

First Savings Credit CardThe company is known to have a rating of A+ by Better Business Bureau. Another great benefit that this card provides is that people with no or poor credit histories can still qualify for an unsecured card by the company. When an individual acquires a credit card, they can make timely payments to ensure that they improve or build upon their credit scores.

Things To Think About Before Getting The First Savings Credit Card

Even the interest rate attached with the best card, which is of 15.6%, is considerably higher as compared to many other cards that are available out there. The annual fees for the cards are also quite high, especially considering the fact that many of the cards do not even have an annual fee charged to them.

While the bank is highly reputable and quite legitimate, it is always better to look at all the options and carry out an in depth research on these cards to figure out what is beneficial for you and what your individual requirements are.

In Case Of Further Questions

If you have any further questions or require any more clarifications with regards to this card and the bank, then you can easily visit their website or call in their customer service representatives at any time. They will be more than helpful and will answer all your questions diligently. They are also available to you whenever you require their assistance. The best part is that their website states everything in black and white. Therefore, you should not have any issues while looking for the relevant information.

It is highly suggested that you carry out a thorough research before choosing any card so that you do not have to face any hassles later on. We hope this post on First Savings Credit Card gave you some advice. Please bookmark our site at Credit Card Blog

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