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Menards Credit Cards

Menards Credit Card With A Selection Of Store Usage

Menards is a huge retailer in the home improvement sector that operated many brick and mortar stores. Established in 1956, the company has done well in the past and continued to achieve customer satisfaction. With its Menards credit card, the retailer aims to make merchandise purchases for the customers much more convenient and easier. The card is easily available for contractors and individual customers from the company. Apart from the company stores, this card can also be used at Holiday, SuperAmerica, Speedway, Kwik Star, and Kwik Trip stores.

Card Features

The Menards credit card has an APR of 24.99% and with late payments, the interest rate will be adjusted to 27.99%. The default rate of interest will be present for six months. If payments have been made within that period, then the interest rate will change back.

Cardholders will be receiving a 23 days grace period for the purchases that they make. If during this time, all of the balance has been paid, then no interest will be charged to their account. The minimum amount of interest that can be charged however is $2 on a monthly basis for all the eligible purchases. There will not be any fees charged for crossing the maximum limit. You will, however, be charged late fees ranging from $10 to $35. This late fee will be on any outstanding balance. Cardholders also have the option and facility to access all of their account information and make their payments online.

Card Benefits

Menards Credit CardAll the cardholders will receive a $10 in-store certificate upon charging of their very first $100 on their Menards credit card. Making use of this card will also provide the benefit of getting a 2% rebate on all of the purchases made at Menards.

Despite the high rates of interest, a card is a great option for all those people who shop regularly at Menards. This is because of the great amount of convenience that the Menards credit card offers their consumers. The 2% rebate feature is especially a great option if you are working on something big. Just be sure that you pay off all your balances on time so that you do not have to deal with the high-interest rates.

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